in Polish Special Missions Unit GROM

For the first time in GROM's history (it is almost 25 years since the Unit came into existence) ex-soldier of the Unit, not officer or commander but a shooter, decided to write his memories - story of thirteen years of service the Motherland and fight in Global War on Terrorism. A story of life and Brotherhood. Approved by GROM's current Commander. Published in Poland in 2012. Now translated into English.
Told by me - ex-GROM soldier Andrzej K. Kisiel and written down by my Friend, Marcin Rak.



Neither Marcin nor me, are professional writers. We wrote this story honestly. Without avoiding any inconvenient events  (just read "Splinter" or letter from my wife) and in the best way we were able to. We learnt how to self-publish a book and met a lot of extraordinary people who helped us with this project. "Thirteen" is the result of International team's work. Graphic design was made by Scott  (USA), translation was done by Chris (USA) & Kasia (Poland) and then checked by Gareth (Republic of South Africa) and Czarek & Grzesiek (Poland).

More information about the e-book on our facebook profile THIRTEEN. You will find there all photos from the e-book!


It all began in 2012 at shooting range...

I met Marcin for the first time at shooting range. He wanted to learn how to shoot. I agreed to be his instructor. We spent together almost five hours, mostly talking and executing the Mozambique Drill.


After the meeting with Marcin, I began thinking about writing a book about my memories. I don't know why... Maybe inspired by books Marcin shown me? DOWN RANGE by Dick Couch, SEALs: THE US NAVY ELITE FIGHTING FORCE by Mir Bahmanyar & Chris Osman, AMERICAN SNIPER by Chris Kyle or DET ONE by John P. Piedmont - in all of this works Polish GROM is mentioned to some degree or another. Quite a lot of depictions mentioning the Unit and all positive. "So maybe it is good time for story from Polish point of view." - I thought at the time...

The original Polish edition took us six months from idea to printed copy. First we wanted to receive approvals: from GROM's creator Gen. S. Petelicki, from current Unit's Commander and from Kisiel's wife - Gosia. Then Marcin established "Sila i Honor", found great printing house (OPOLGRAF Opole) and excellent graphic designer - Scott from MAD4ART INTERNATIONAL. We met some good and some bad people - life... At the end of this process we self-published the book and from September 13th 2012 we sold a number of 4500 copies in Poland. We even made an audiobook based on "Thirteen" called "More than Thirteen" - with help of Polish actor Eryk Lubos and some of Andrzej's friends from the Unit.

We decided to donate a portion of profits made from the sales of the book to Charity strongly connected with GROM - Fundacja SPRZYMIERZENI Z GROM. Up until today we have accumulated and transferred a donation amount of almost 27 000 $ to this Charity. The same will be done with portion of profits generated from this e-book.


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E-book by Andrzej K. Kisiel & Marcin Rak

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